The Exibition

Hey everyone,

This term year 6 recently had the exhibition. The exhibition is a project that went for 6 weeks. Our role was to choose a subject to learn about and come up with our lines of inquiry and central idea. It is different to all the other line of inquiries because normally the teachers choose all the lines of inquiry and central idea. We were focusing on the main idea “Peace and conflict affects our world”.

The Process:

To start the exhibition as a year, we all came together and brainstormed ideas we could choose as our topic for the exhibition. The choices went from peace keeping, domestic violence, psychology and more. Each student got the opportunity to list down three topics they were really interested in. Then after groups were allocated, you come up with 3 lines of inquiry and a central idea. Every week we had to write down goals and reflect on the previous week.

My group:

I was with three other girls and our topic was Peace Keeping. We focused on 4 aid organisations including World Vision, Médecins Sans Frontières, United Nations and the Red Cross. They all bring peace in many different ways! As a part of the exhibition you had to show how you have taken action. One of my partners and I went up to our local shops and sold cookies. We raised $111 and donated gifts for the children helped by World Vision.

Favourite Part:

My favourite part of the exhibition was taking action. It was my favourite Part because I loved seeing people happy to help other people by donating a lot of money. It was fun handing out the cookies because it was like we had our own little business.

Presenting the Exibition:

We had to present the exibition to our parents and the school. We presented the exhibition to the year 6 parents first and I enjoyed teaching them new things. They also told me some stories they had that related to my topic. Then the next morning we presented the exhibition to our school. It was really fun seeing the different reactions the younger students had compared to the parents. The students wanted to play with the velcro and the parents were more interested in the topic.

To conclude, I really enjoyed the exhibition and learnt a lot about peace keeping organisations. I also created a bond with my group members. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Exibition because you have taught me lots and I really enjoyed teaching you.


∞ Year 7 Orientation ∞

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we had the Year 7 Orientation. I am staying at the same school next year because it goes from kindy to year 12. On that day I learnt about the high school and met all the new girls who are coming to the school. I was a little nervous introducing myself but I made some new friends. Also I knew so many girls that I didn’t know that were coming to this school! I had so much fun learning new things about the girls I knew and also learning new things about the new girls. Most of the times we had something in common! It was so much fun and I am so excited about year 7 I have already started buying what I need! Also the activities I did where art, drama, PE, Food Tech, Science. My favourite one was food tech because I love cooking and it was delicious. We made bliss balls. I really liked the Year 7 orientation and Im so excited to meet all the new girls again!



Paul Fletcher came to our school!

Hi everyone,

Last Friday we had a visit from Paul Fletcher the Mayor of Bradfield. In our Unit of Inquiry we are learning about how government uses their power to run the country. As Paul Fletcher is a part of Parliament and uses his power to run Bradfield he came and told us information about what happens in Parliament. I learnt a lot that if you are late to the Senate or the House of Representatives ( you only have four minutes to get there) your vote will not count.  In the House of Representatives you have 76 seats and there are 12 people representing each state. Also NSW have 7.5 million people who live there and Tasmania have only 5.5 thousand people.But that doesn’t change the amount of people representing each state. Im am excited and nervous about going to Canberra and I cant wait to visit some amazing places like Parliament House and Questacon!


Chels 😃

This Term

Hey everyone,

This term we have done some fun and interesting things. We are learning about Australia/Australian government. One of the most interesting thing that I’m excited to learn about is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We have to pick something Australian that affected Australia. We will work with partners and my partner is Anna. I haven’t looked that deeply into the Harbour Bridge and I’m interested to look at the difference between the tolls through years, to see who created the bridge and how they came up with the idea! What have you enjoyed this term? Please comment down below!


My Reflection Of My Passion Project

Hi Everyone

This year I was so happy to do a passion project. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to come up with a project to do. I wanted to do it combined with my 2 of my favourite passions, dogs and cooking. So I did baking, made it into a cookbook, then sell the cookbooks and give all the money to RSPCA. I found it challenging to find a website to make a cookbook that was cheap. The website I found was It cost $10 for the book. We found a better way to just print a rough copy and my mum just copied every page and put it in a powerpoint then printed it. She has a binder at her work so she put the books in the binder and made 10 copies. I was so happy that we could print out a rough copy because the book wouldn’t come in time. I was so amazed because everyone’s passion project was excellent! The 3 people I like the most was:


  1. Jaimee R (

She made a business and sold these cute greeting card of a photo of shells. She took the photo of shells in her back garden.

  1.  Jess (

She did DIY’s and sewing. Her sewing went really well and I loved her DIY’s

  1. Alice (

She made a business of cute photos and set up a blog ( She is going to continue her business and I can’t wait to buy a photo from her and put it up in my room!


This is a photo of my presentation:


Passion Project Week: 7 (The Last Week)

Hi everyone

Today was the day of making our passion project and we had to show our finished project.I brought in cookies and some rough copies of the cook book. My big cookbook that I ordered online did not come so my mum printed them off at her work. I sold 10 cookbooks for $3 and I got $30. All the money goes to RSPCA. I was so exited to see everyones project and everyones turned out to be really good. Thank you for listening and commenting on my passion project. It was so much to do and I can’t wait to proceed in my baking to make loads of yummy treats!



Passion Project Week: 6

This week is my last week of cooking! I still have a lot to do on my cook book and hopefully I can complete it by this week. This week I have made lamingtons and I am going to make brownies and chocolate cupcakes!

The lamingtons are harder than I thought so here are some tips :

  • Keep the chocolate icing on heat because otherwise the icing will dry in the bowl and get very clumpy.
  • Make sure to put something down on the bench while you are putting the laminations in the chocolate icing and the coconut so it doesn’t make a big mess.
  • Also make sure you have the right size tin or they will either be too skinny or too thick.
  • Also check to see if you have fresh self raising flour because otherwise it doesn’t rise as much.

I have had so much fun cooking and I can’t wait to see the finish product of the cook book!



Passion Project Week: 5

Hi everyone,

My baking is going really well. This week I made cupcakes with pink and blue icing. I am finishing up my cook book because soon I need to send it to a company and get it printed. I have a lot to finish with the cook book and I also will have a bit more cooking recipes to cook. Im not sure if the cook book will be delivered in time but fingers crossed!

These are some photos of my cupcakes:


Passion Project Week: 4

Hi Everyone

So far my Passion project is going very well! The only problem is that I’m concerned about time and I don’t know how long it will take for the cook book to print and be delivered but I am going to try and finish the cook book very quickly so I wont have that problem. So far I have baked four treats and I’m very eager to bake more things and I learn from my mistakes, so here are a few of my success and failures:


Success so far:

  • So far the website I am using to make/design/print my cookbook is working well
  • My cooking ideas are going well (Ratings are good)
  • Finding information very quickly (Inspiration on what to make and what ingredients to use
  • Because my mum’s away all week I can work on my cookbook. (My mum’s not here to supervise me when using the oven and my dad has not had experience using the oven because its new) I could work on my cookbook by finishing off the front cover and designing the book better. Then I can also prepare and buy all the ingredients for next week when my mum can help me bake using the oven. Also I could see if there is any more inspiration for more recipes and ask my peers for any suggestions.


Failures so far:

  • Some people didn’t want to try one of my recipes, so not as many votes e.g some people didn’t like snickers bars, which was in my rocky road.
  • I had to miss a day of cooking because I forgot to buy the ingredients e.g butter and butter is a very important ingredient in baking.
  • My mum is away for a week so I can’t cook because I need parent supervision.



If you have any suggestions on what I should bake next please tell me in the comments and I am happy to hear your ideas! 😃



Passion Project Week: 3


Week 1: Get my ingredients and start doing my cookies.

Week 2: Keep on cooking and start writing in my cook book.

Week 3: Writing in my cookbook and writing the ratings.

Week 4: Start making cupcakes and other treats and nearly finishing my cookbook.

Week 5: Finish cookbook and send it to the website to print.

Week 6: Wait for cookbook to come.

Week 7: Cookbook should be delivered and getting ready to.

Equipment and Resources


  • Learning how to bake by myself and design a cook book


  • Ingredients for my snacks


  • Family recipes
  • Machines for my baking e.g oven etc.
  • A kitchen
  • A computer to design the cook book
  • Friends and family to try my food


  • The website to make and design the cook book (bookemon)


I am very exited and if you want to try some of my treat please comment and I will try to save some for you!

This is a photo of my gingerbread hearts: