The Exibition

Hey everyone,

This term year 6 recently had the exhibition. The exhibition is a project that went for 6 weeks. Our role was to choose a subject to learn about and come up with our lines of inquiry and central idea. It is different to all the other line of inquiries because normally the teachers choose all the lines of inquiry and central idea. We were focusing on the main idea “Peace and conflict affects our world”.

The Process:

To start the exhibition as a year, we all came together and brainstormed ideas we could choose as our topic for the exhibition. The choices went from peace keeping, domestic violence, psychology and more. Each student got the opportunity to list down three topics they were really interested in. Then after groups were allocated, you come up with 3 lines of inquiry and a central idea. Every week we had to write down goals and reflect on the previous week.

My group:

I was with three other girls and our topic was Peace Keeping. We focused on 4 aid organisations including World Vision, Médecins Sans Frontières, United Nations and the Red Cross. They all bring peace in many different ways! As a part of the exhibition you had to show how you have taken action. One of my partners and I went up to our local shops and sold cookies. We raised $111 and donated gifts for the children helped by World Vision.

Favourite Part:

My favourite part of the exhibition was taking action. It was my favourite Part because I loved seeing people happy to help other people by donating a lot of money. It was fun handing out the cookies because it was like we had our own little business.

Presenting the Exibition:

We had to present the exibition to our parents and the school. We presented the exhibition to the year 6 parents first and I enjoyed teaching them new things. They also told me some stories they had that related to my topic. Then the next morning we presented the exhibition to our school. It was really fun seeing the different reactions the younger students had compared to the parents. The students wanted to play with the velcro and the parents were more interested in the topic.

To conclude, I really enjoyed the exhibition and learnt a lot about peace keeping organisations. I also created a bond with my group members. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Exibition because you have taught me lots and I really enjoyed teaching you.


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  1. You should be proud of your learning throughout this unit Chels. I love how well written your blog post is because it explains the exhibition process so well. Well done! Miss S

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